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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Finally, we come to the end.

The result has been revealed today. One of us must go. The company facing a bad revenue and have to down-sizing as soon as possible ((is that the TRUE reason???)).

Sadly, this new have been hunted me and SMR for the past 3 weeks. And today, SMR have to go. I must say Alhamdulillah as my service still ‘valid’ and still needed by the company ((is that the TRUE reason also??? Or I might be next?!?!?!!!)).

Both of us were hungrily looking for a job since that miserable new was presented direct on our face. SMR still looking for job but SMR have to leave, the sooner the better… ((ya rite!!...they will give SMR extra pay)).

SMR just become a father for not more that 2months. SMR’s wife is still on maternity leave okay.

I know that I sounded mad as I is the one who been asked to leave…. Want to know why I’m so mad…?? ‘They’re’ hiring 2 more people to replace SMR with higher position and the best reason they gave was, “we don’t think that we need 2 position of AC”.

Partly I do agree with ‘them’ as SMR performance was not at their expectation and SMR has been compare with me….((I’m still new however he still not performing)). But common, no one is perfect. SMR may need more time and cant they REALLY LOOK at SMR best at????. SMR expertise still or sure be needed in future.

I will pray that SMR will and surely will get a better or may be the best job in his life.

I’ll see the performance of these 2 new people as they have been talk around that both of them are ‘professional’.

Tomorrow is SRM last working day…...

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