Geng GC

Friday, December 28, 2007


What it's meant with Another Life?

Most of people will think Life after Death.
Do you will able to consider if I say that you will experience Another Life in your Life?

So much things had happend to me this few months.
It's really make me understand the meaning of 'Another Life'.
I had choosen to make a change of my life.
I wasn't a bad idea if what I have choosen is the best for me.
But we can't actually see the future.

These will explain more;

"Appreciate what you have arround you or

You will feel regret when its gone"

"Always think 20% of positive result and
Get prepared for 80% of negative"

"Change was not easy but
Change will teach you the meaning of new things"

"Don't blame other for what you have done but
Thanks to yourself for the courage"

><(((;> Another Life <;)))><