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Thursday, June 19, 2008


Company or Industry which involved in service will need the best customer service so that they will able to retain their customers. Most of the company will invests on knowledge that able to train their employees so that they can provide service excellent.

A workshop on customer service or custom made workshop program to suite their need of culture. Lot of money spends to ensure their front liners adequate with the skills. Select the suitable workers and hoping a tremendous result.

It is happening all of the time?
Will employer get a good of their investment in return?
Average 3 of 30 the workers whom attended the workshop will produce the expected result. What about the other?
It is not that simple to change the person behavior just by sending them to 2 days workshop and they have known the standard content of program.

·Customer always right
·Put yourself in the customer shoe
·Listen, respond and deliver
·Smile and thank you

“Well everyone know about this as they are also a customer”

If the company was wiling to spend more on the advance program or more details program, how many workers you think can be groom?
How much more money need to be invested?
The result then…..?

Let go more further to the investment. 2 days workshop on customer service excellent (a standard program) which participated by 20-30 of your workers will cost closed to 10K.

Total workshop cost + loss of man power (2 days) = 70% - 85% of service excellent
That is what we expected to happened.

However in the realty is:
Total workshop cost + loss of man power (2 days) = 5% - 13% of service excellent

Company looking forward to growth, workers come and go. How many workshop you want to have?
I’ not saying training is not a good approach or wasting investment.

My point is stops looking at the old pattern of achieving a customer service excellent for front liner.

Stop trying to change your workers.

Does customer know how much investment had you spend?
Does customer know how many workers had you try to groom?

The answer will be definitely, they don’t boarder at all.

1. What customer first impressions when they walk in to your organization?
2. What customer wants from your organization?
3. Why customer comes to your organization?

These 3 simple questions you needs to look for the appropriate answer.

These are my answer:-
1. Their convenience
2. Their right
3. Their desires

Today's Customers are not expecting:-
· A smile
· A ticket for their turn
· “You will receive it within 7 days”.

It is the time to be more realistic. Service is no more about people but it is about intelligent.

· Identify the convenience factor
· Know the popular demand
· Offer the needs

Invest the money for something good for both (employer & employee).

What more can I say, as the No. 1 in the organization, you guys know better than me.

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