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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Speech during my Toastmaster


What is WORD?
What is WORD means to you?
Anybody in this room would like to answer?
What if I change the question?
How many WORD do you know?
How many ‘Type of WORD’ do you know?
I’m sure that you are thinking of dictionary right now

I did that and that why I’m here today

Mr. OXFORD ADVANCE from New York helps me to answer it
Thank you Mr. OXFORD

According to Mr. OXFORD,
WORD is; A single unit of language which means something and
can be spoken or written

WORD also a Promise
Something that you say as a guarantee that you will do or
Something will happen or
Something is true

I would like to share 5 types of word that I had learn from

1. “Word of Mouth”
When people tell each other and they are not read about it,
It called “word of mouth”
This is what I’m doing right now.
You don’t have to read, I will tell you

To make it easy to understand,
If we choose a good word to tell others it will look like an advice or a story telling. Sometime ‘word of mouth’ can be a gossip. To me I would like to relate it to a Fairy Tales Story
From our grand parents to our parents and to us we don’t know whether is really true but….

It’s a story some how we believe in it. I felt in love with Cinderella story.. Dreaming that one day a prince charming will notice that I’m pretty. From that story it teach me a meaning of beauty I told myself to that beauty is not from the eyes but beauty is from the heart……….

2. “Word break”
Something which is split between two lines of text
I would suggest to use it depend on the situation
If you are giving a work report you may not think to apply ‘word break’
But if you are giving a report to your wife or husband, to your girlfriend or boyfriend
It may help and maybe it can safe your life from the world war three,
I guess…

3. “Word-Less”
People not saying anything, silent
By not saying a word, indirectly you are using a word
You are ‘word-less’

4. ‘Word Perfect”
Able to remember and repeat something exactly without making any mistakes
A brilliant person has it and always used it
I’m in the process to be like this
Hope in my 3rd speech with my hard work it will show me a good the result

5. “Word Play”
Making jokes by using words in a cleaver or amusing way, especially by using a word that has two meanings or different words that sound the same
I’m not good in this
Let me try this to see if it’s works

“Anne Ting will do any thing to ensure all in order before she gave an order”
“Through marriages we will experience a true meaning of life”

My dear friend,
We use word from the every first moment we can speak and we keep continue it in our life until one day……

We are been teaches and used more that *100 millions* words in our life.
With word, I believed that all of us in this room understand a meaning of life.

A beautiful word can make you feel wonderful and with a word also can make you suffer in pain.

Word will bring you to the top of world
And word can make you be the last person in world

I will leave you with this"
We had learnt a lot from word
Word shouldn’t bring sadness
We can win a heart with word
Word should brings the happiness

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