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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stupidest Thing You Have Ever Done in Your Life

Sometime we think that we love someone so much and that was a good reason to sacrifice to him/her.

Until we realise that one day it was the stupidest thing you have ever done in your life.

What actually made you acting that way?

Is it because of love? Or it is because so much loves….

Who to blame?

The love or yourself? Or the one that you love?

What make you able to accept the worst thing he/she do to you?

Why can’t you see the fact of the worst?

What make the love so strong till you can’t control it and let it to control the entire of your life?

Sometime too long being in love with him/her will make you blind of what actually has happened.

“Just let the time to judge”

Now can you blame the time? Or blame yourself for dragging it too long?

Still the questions are coming back to you. But you can’t answer it, right.

Why can’t you just walk over it?

At the end, you feel so tired. Thinking for answer which you don’t even sure what is the perfect question.

When it going to end?

Nobody will able to answer you only yourself, so keep trying to find the answer….

……till you find it or till you find the right one.

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