Geng GC

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why some people just do it without thinking?

Don’t they also have feeling?

Easy to forget… but not to forgive?

Are they so great?

Or are they the weaker?

Simply blame without knowing the truth?



darling elle said...


sory for my frenz attitude just now, hope ur not offend by them. It just there simply typing without consider people feeling. But there are okay actually, just there need to u know better, actually i also never meet all of them in person. Maybe also there commnication barrer there have. U know what i meankan? but if feel hard to communicate through chatboard, why not try our google group site, u can send email and our member will respon to your thought or whatsoever. Anything just find me at my personal blog, really sorry if feel bad just now.

3Ls said...

i dont feel anything at all with both of your comments. so there is nothing to be sorry of my dear. i know what u meant.

hey dear, no hard feeling k.